May 21, 2006

"Just go on dancing with me like this forever, and I'll never tire. We'll scrape our shoes on the stars and hang upside down from the moon."

-stephen king


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March 31, 2006

8:45 AM, LRT 2

Listen carefully,
it is not cacophony.
The city's crying!

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March 16, 2006


My dreams about him used to
run on the same plot:
we are kids running and playing all day
sometimes he picks on me
but I just enjoy the moment.
Towards the end, I feel sad
because the day does not last longer
so I always carry him, hug him,
until I wake up.

Last night, it was different.

My brother showed up a grown man.
He is in Manila because he is applying for a job.
It seems a kneejerk reaction to me
when I asked him if could accompany him
to his job interview.
He nodded silently.

In the next scene,
we were both facing the boss of the company.
The boss asked him
the scientific name of whales
and he answered him pronto.
Then the boss wrote on a small piece of paper
a series of numbers in two rows
and then talked on the phone.
My brother looked at the numbers intently.
Embarrassed for him,
I told him they were just
telephone numbers that he would call
to follow up on his application.
Not heeding me, he scribbled
some numbers, commas, connected squares, and ampersunds
between the two rows.
The boss looked at what he wrote,
smiled, and shook his hands.

After that the boss looked at me
and gave me cold beer.

16 March 2006

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March 11, 2006

Unveiling: Pieces from Bliss (punta tayo ha!!!)

Come to the unveiling of women poets and essayists on March 14, 4.30 pm at the UP College of Social Work and Community Development, Diliman, Quezon City.

Unveiling: Pieces from Bliss launches the anthology of poetry, essays, and reflections of 24 women from Women in Bliss Writers' Circle.

What does this motley group of women have in common? We all came together and participated in the recent Aida F. Santos Writing Workshops. In the workshops, we shared our lives, loves, pains, dreams, and fears. We found strength with one another and bliss in our bonds of friendship.

”Unveiling” features the works of the following women poets, essayists and artists:

Macel Aguilar * Alpha Gracias Allanigue * Trisha Andres * Aleli Bawagan * Erlyn Caliñgo * Irene Daguno * Geiah Homeres * Germaine Leonin * Ayel Leyesa * Rebecca Desiree E. Lozada * Danicar Mariano * Aimee Mendoza * Amparo Miciano * Lizel Mones * Liberty Nolasco * Clara Rita Padilla * Lilian Pimentel * Luz Lopez * Sam Sumaray * Frances Santiago * Sandra Torrijos * Angie Umbac * Riza Faith Ybañez

Come celebrate with us and listen to our works of candor, passion, and honesty.

Unveiling: Pieces of Bliss special launching price is at P120. For orders, please contact Macel Aguilar at 0917-532-8455 or email at

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Happy Women's Day/Month!

Marso ng kababaihan

claiming our space


...but determined

braving the police dispersal team


pics by bananarit

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